“home” for thanksgiving

two pumpkin pies (that look like they needed more filling than what was allotted) and two loaves of cranberry bread are cooling on my island.

in 24 hours i will be packing those baked goods and bringing them with me to the hustle & bustle known as 1942, my childhood home. hugs that are familiar, kisses my cheeks have memorized, and 16 voices that i can instantly recognize will be there. i get to go and be with family this wonderful holiday and somehow it makes it that much more exciting.

and thankfulness? overflows, overwhelms, undoes me. i’ve experienced God’s goodness & blessing. in such amazing ways. yes, thankfulness comes quickly these days.

One thought on ““home” for thanksgiving

  1. I am so glad you are going to be here. Lots of kisses, yummy-ness, parades and football. And you will be here at 1942. That is the best part of all. I’m thankful, too.

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