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everything happy

the sun is shining, bringing my home’s temperature up from it’s typical 65 to a boiling 70.

tonight is a homemade macaroni and cheese sort of night. that was my requested birthday dinner for years. no, it’s not my birthday but i still want it.

my hands are dry and cracking in the worst way possible. it’s from the floor mopping, dish washing, bathroom cleaning life i lead. and i like it.

the husband gives me lots of kisses. and calls me “princess”. and holds my hand every minute when we’re in the car. and talks to me a lot. and makes sure that i’m talking. a lot. and is everything i could ever want for my best friend for life.

our mornings are earlier recently. they’re a full hour of making breakfast, bible reading, and bible memorizing. together.

my heart is everything happy. content. at peace. joy-filled.

and i guess i just wanted you to know that. know that i’m okay.

3 thoughts on “everything happy

  1. we do have a dishwasher that gets run almost every night. but, i’m a stickler about not washing my pots & pans, knives, my bosch requires hand washing, and often times i’ll quickly wash whatever i just used rather than wait for the dishwasher to be clean the next morning. =)

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