such rich love

the husband left the house by 7am today. he came home late last night with work under his arms for the evening hours. when you’re told to fix a problem and save money for the company you work for that’s what you have to do. and i did what i have to do: i made him coffee, packed his lunch, started the car, and sent him on his way.

it’s quite possible that i won’t speak another audible word for more than 10 hours — when he returns.

quite often people ask if i’m lonely with my life like this. they ask if all the silent hours within these walls and wandering my new town is too much for me.

it’s not.

i’ve never been so aware of all the beautiful people the Lord has surrounded me with. family i’ve known since birth, friends that have walked beside me for many years, and all these new people — who are full of purpose showing me that i’m a part and how they care about me. the hours that are spent on my own, i always know — i’m loved and i have so much to be thankful for.

so no, i’m not lonely. my life is full with the rich love i’m given.

old friends who spent a weekend away from home to simply be with me:

silly nephews i adore. and wonderful nephews who pray for their auntie:

and of course, him. because he’s beautiful, because i’m proud, and because he knows how to love me best:

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