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Oh, hello there. How are you on this fine Saturday morning? I’m just sippin’ my french press coffee and enjoying my toast with raspberry jam. Alone. In my head I’m not supposed to be alone on Saturday mornings. That’s when I make some sort of nice breakfast and the husband and I eat together. But he’s the best person ever so he was up and gone before the sun was rising to hang sheetrock and tape a storefront property the church recently acquired. Yes, he’s the best person. It’ll be the new youth room once he’s done making it beautiful.

He’s a youth leader. Did I ever tell you that? That would make me the youth leader’s wife. Because of this new role I’ve discovered that my area of expertise is actually coming up with fun games. Who knew?! Apparently the games I know haven’t traveled two hours southeast because 4 Men on a Couch is completely new to this crowd. I’m so okay that my games remain up there. It makes my area of expertise come very naturally.

When I moved here everyone warned me about the snow that comes. “You’ve never seen anything like it,” I once heard. And then I realized that there are actual trails for snowmobiles — with inns and restaurants on these trails only accessible by a sled. This new world sounded like fun and I quickly understood that the economy relies on lots of snow. But, this winter has been the brownest in about 107 years. Until this weekend. It’s snowing. And snowing. And snowing.

But who cares about weather? Isn’t that what you talk about when you have nothing else to say?

It’s nearing the end of February and I still have my tiny bit of Valentine’s Day up. When do you take your red, white, and pink down?

You may have noticed that I made a huge life change recently. After ten years of blogging and never capitalizing a single word I decided that I’m too old to get away with that anymore. And let me tell you, capitalizing is so much work. So really, the blogging “trend” of ten years ago to use all lower case letters wasn’t just “cool”, it was also a bit of pure laziness. Mankind is so good at finding the easy way in everything.

And that’s all. I’ll go start painting my guest room or clean out my fridge or do something useful with my Saturday morning.

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  1. just two things to say: I like that I recognize the following items on your mantel-display: 1. the Vintage tin Owl that Bubs bought for you when I showed it to him in the thrift shop. and 2. the heart-swag that is made from walmart paint samples. It was the “craft” that you mama, Sue Brown, Judes, and I made at my table a few weeks back.

    these things made me smile. that’s all.

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