A case of the sniffles got me. Tissues, congestion, and foggy heads shouldn’t be part of summertime. They’re for cold months when you can put on a comfy, oversized sweatshirt and drink lots of tea with honey. July is not made for colds.

But that’s not the only thing going on around here.

Remember my garden? There is not much as happy as walking outside and picking produce from your very own yard. But not only that — then making something with what you harvested? Oh, joy!

There will be more tomatoes shortly. Really, there will be.


Speaking of food — Husband of the Year award goes to my husband. My cooking and tastes are unusual to this boy. The other night I set out hummus, fresh pita bread, cheese curd, and salad for dinner. Tonight it will be some sort of Morrocan stew. Last night was a chicken curry dish. This Lewis County boy hasn’t ever eaten the way he’s eating now and he’s handled these dietary changes in an amazingly happy fashion.*

*Just so you know, I also make some of his favorites.

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