a bit of chit chat.

Every Tuesday you’ll find me at the park in town picking up fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market. The town I live in is small — like, if you google it you’ll discover that it’s 566 small. (How is that even possible?!) I guess all 566 of us leave our homes to shop outside one day a week because it is a busy, bustling place. I’m not sure what is so thrilling about being outside while picking up your eggs, freshly baked bread, and veggies for the week, but it’s just that — thrilling. Well, it is to me.

It’s one of my favorite things about this place.

I only picked up a quart of peaches today for some peach cobbler (heavy on the peaches, please). I told myself that my cupboards don’t really need anything else added to them right now and I really do try to be responsible with the one area of finances I handle. You’re surprised I don’t take care of all our bills? You must not know me very well.

We covered this very early on:

Him: So, how involved do you want to be with our finances? Do you want to be in charge of paying all the bills?
Me: Oh, no — only if you need me to. I just need to know that we’re saving, paying our bills, and I’ll buy groceries.
Him: That’s all?
Me: Yeah, I hate numbers and money stresses me out.

And that’s been that. I buy groceries, he tells me how much we have in savings, and we go on our merry way.

And because I’m sure you’re curious about this, throughout this pregnancy I’ve craved fruit. Any kind. Just give me fruit. A healthy craving but rather expensive. And now you’re supposed to predict what this baby is (if you’re into those old wives’ tales).

2 thoughts on “a bit of chit chat.

  1. Prediction? With my four I craved, in order, milk, Mexican food, barbecued chicken, and peanut M&M’s. I don’t think there were any predictions to be found!

  2. I’m predicting a boy… just for the fun of guessing. However, with Brae I craved steak and salad, and sometimes OREOs and milk, lol; With Landen fruit, lots of it.

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