thanksgiving begins

My coffee is almost gone, the kitchen is tidied, and the sun is just starting to reach down to warm the cold earth. Mornings are beautiful.

Tomorrow starts the Thanksgiving holiday for us as my new family gathers for an early celebration. This morning I’ll make some goodies to bring along to help feed hungry boys between our brunch and turkey dinner. This new family I’m in supplies boys in abundance and I, coming from a background of mostly girls, love it. At a request from The Husband I’ll bring along some pumpkin bread, a close favorite to apple pie in this house. You don’t have a favorite recipe? Might I recommend this one? I even cut back on the sugar and it is still absolutely delectable.

I love the holiday season, and this year feels all the more special than normal. Last Thanksgiving is when we told our families about our first little one. It was when we got a shocked, “SERIOUSLY?!” response since we had just exchanged rings six weeks prior. And last Christmas was when my body said goodbye to the little one that didn’t make it. I clung to my husband’s arm throughout a Christmas Eve candlelight service, my young mother’s heart knowing what was coming. And sure enough, Christmas day was spent curled up in bed as I went through the emotionally and physically painful process of losing a life.

But this year? This year on Thanksgiving we’ll be a few days away from a due date and this year, as I go to a Christmas Eve candlelight service, I’ll have a baby in my arms.

What an incredible gift I’m being given this year. And how thankful I am.


8 thoughts on “thanksgiving begins

  1. That last comment was from me. I forgot to include my last name and then realized you might not know who left it making you wonder if some strange person was commenting. Ha!

  2. I was so happy to see a link to my fav blog in the FB newsfeed when I got up this morning. Waking up with my coffee and rejoicing with you that your miracle is even one day closer to being born… So excited!

  3. Oh, Weasy! That made this mother’s heart cry, bith in sharing the pain of the loss and in rejoicing with you on the arrival of this little one. So excited for you! Love you!

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