Hi there. No, no baby yet. And no signs of a baby making its way out anytime soon either.

I knew that’s what you were really wondering about.

You probably weren’t wondering about the walk I’ll take in a few minutes.
Or the granola bars I’ll be making this morning (This recipe is a tad bit finicky but man, when you get it right you walk away with the best granola bars in the world. And if you don’t get it right — well, you walk away with the best granola. It’s a win either way).
Or the pile of ironing that’s calling my name (I can’t seem to get away from this chore ever).
Or the whirlwind week we started this morning.
Or the fact that this girl requires nine hours of sleep at night with a nap snuck in somewhere during the afternoon to get through the day (being another human’s life line is exhausting).
Or the fall wreath I had every intention of making for my front door that’s still not made.

No, you probably weren’t wondering about that.

I’ll let you know when the baby arrives. It will come at some point. Promise.

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  1. Seriously? Are people asking you if there is a baby yet? Well, just let them know, “It could be a bit, folks!” 🙂
    Meanwhile, Beanz is patiently waiting as well. These babies have a way of making sure they are well wanted and that expectation is at a premium!

  2. Oh, yes! People are wondering (and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wonder each day if today is going to be the day — super eager to meet his little one!). =)

  3. Mine usually arrived not long after I’d resigned myself to the “fact” I was probably going to be pregnant the rest of my life! Enjoy your sleep while you can.

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