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We laid in bed, both on our sides facing our small boy who sleeps only a few feet away from us. Baby laid peacefully on his tummy (His preferred method for sleep since day #1 which made me highly nervous for the first few weeks so he spent most nights on my chest which resulted in an even more sleep deprived new mommy which probably wasn’t my smartest move but a sweet one.).

“I just love him,” The Husband whispered. I nodded in agreement, understanding all the meaning behind those few words.

I knew I would love him. I knew it would be deep and fierce. I knew that he wouldn’t do anything to earn my love yet it would instantly be present, filling every bit of my heart. I knew all that before they laid a wet, screaming babe on my chest.

But I didn’t know. Didn’t know the real depth that I would feel. Didn’t know that the overwhelming power of this love would be the sort to take my breath away at times. I didn’t know all that until I held my baby in my arms, kissed his face, smelled his scent, and knew him.

This morning I rest in knowing there’s a Love like that for me. But not simply like that, but far better. A Love that’s deeper and truer and greater and stronger. This Love that’s for me and for you, born sinners, comes from a Heart that knows only perfection.

My imperfect heart wonders how that’s possible. But it is.

And today I’m so grateful that just as my son doesn’t need to do a thing in order for me to shower him with my love, I don’t have to do anything to receive this amazing Love. It’s simply there for me to rest in.

And this my heart knows: while I sleep there is One watching me and His love always abounding toward me.

That is everything wonderful.

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