some morning thoughts

I’m on my porch while I type these few lines. Yeah, this one.

Summertime weather seems to have finally arrived and I’m attempting to enjoy as much outdoor goodness as I can. I just finished tromping through dew-covered grass while watering our gardens and even managed to enjoy the wet grass clippings that plastered themselves to my feet. Cut-off jeans, t-shirt, and messy pony-tail. I’m ready for another summer day.

Recently The Husband said that he doesn’t ever want to feel like life is simply happening to us, but rather that we dictate how life will be. Obviously life does just happen and there are moments of rolling with the punches, but I knew what he meant. Days slip by quickly. Life passes quickly. It always has and always will. And soon enough our days here will be over. Are we purposing to make the most we can out of everyday we’re given?

So I’m just here, spending my days at home. Trying my best to not let days pass by in a haphazard-can’t-keep-up sort of way, but with purpose, serve my family the best I can. Serve my church with excellence. Give some of my energy and time to the people I come in contact with. Love God and love living by His Word unashamedly. This is how I want my days to be lived.

Oh, and tomorrow — tomorrow is seven whole months of this little person being a huge part of our world here in the Big Green Home. I’m not sure how it’s possible but I seem to love him more every single day.

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