just an update of sorts

It’s all cold up this piece and I have an afghan wrapped around my legs. The world is talking about pumpkins, soup, candles, pumpkin spice lattes, mums, and apple pies, and I’m all like, “Wait, didn’t summer just arrive?”

They always say that time simply starts to go by faster with each passing year, but holy cannoli, I was not ready for the pace to pick up quite so much when I entered year 25.

So, just a quick update on my world since it’s been a little too long (AGAIN) since you heard from me…

My babe is over 9 months old. His face gets all upset and he cries a mad cry when I say, “Adrian, no.” Seriously? Already?  Most of the time I laugh at his mad cry. Which is not how to handle child training. But his face — TOO CUTE — I can’t help myself.

And I’m trying to remember to stop scurrying about so much and spend time on the floor playing with this growing-too-quickly child of mine. And to enjoy the nights when he wakes an extra amount and I get to hold and nurse him more than normal. And to pause and simply watch him since every day he seems to discover something new he can do.

I know that no babe is meant to stay a babe and there is destiny and purpose in their future days, but this season of babyhood is too short.

In my opinion.

I’ve been working several hours each week for these guys here. Helping save babies from home. I like this setup quite a whole lot. What exactly do I do? Well, the director calls me their “Web Administrator”. That pretty much means that I do whatever she asks me to. One time I had to call a doctor and from the name I assumed I was calling for a woman. As I explained who I was and what I needed to the doctor’s receptionist, I referenced the doctor as “she” and “her” a few times. The receptionist then replied with a very strong, “HE is out of the office right now — can I have HIM give you a call back?”


I’m super professional like that. You want to hire me yourself, right?

The Husband and I are nearing the 2 year mark. That’s right, two years of rings on our fingers and promises of love till death do us part. Time’s a sneaky little thing — I can’t seem to fully remember what life was like before that day of covenant-making. Doesn’t really matter though. What does matter is that we are still crazy, big fans of marriage and living our days together.

God thought of really cool things.

And I live by lists. Every morning I write out my list for the day. And I have a daily chore list that I recently made to hang on my wall (because I’m cool like that). And sometimes I think I’m a bit too bound by my lists since I stress when I don’t cross everything off, but we’re working on that part. But this blogging wasn’t actually on my list for today so I feel like I’m wasting precious time.

So toodles. Till next time.

2 thoughts on “just an update of sorts

  1. Loved the update! How can Adrian be nine months and wasn’t it just a few weeks ago you guys got married, seriously.

    I live by lists….but am learning not to be ruled by them. Like this comment, SO not on my list of things to do. Must make time for people though! Like our families!

    Always love hearing updates about your precious family, now go conquer that list 🙂

  2. Yay for updates!

    I admire people who can make lists, I have never been able to consistently get in the habit. Maybe I would be more productive if I did but we’ll never know as, after nearly 49 years, I think I will just continue on list-free.

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