our night

It’s dark outside. As in, feels like it’s 6:45am at 8am dark. It just finished massive thundering and lightning and pouring. I’m in my pajamas still drinking my coffee and toast with jam. Well, I’m not drinking the toast with jam bit, but you’re smart enough to ignore the poor writing skills and figure out what I mean, right?

Homemade bread made into toast with jam is my favorite breakfast. And it’s perfectly not good for you. I secretly hope for mornings when I can eat my favorite — there must be no milk in the house so cereal isn’t an option and The Husband has to be gone so obviously going through the work of making eggs for just one person is absolutely ridiculous and out of the question.

So that leaves me with toast and jam.

And coffee. Toast and jam with no coffee isn’t as good. Especially when there’s no milk in the fridge as a backup.

I don’t usually have such slow mornings that find me still in my floral pajamas sipping my coffee at 8am. The babe, who wouldn’t go to bed till 9:30pm last night, decided that 4am was a reasonable hour to get up. I didn’t come here to complain to you about what a wretched sleeper-of-a-baby I have or be miserable about the fact that it’s been nine months and three weeks since I’ve slept through the night because let’s face it: I have a baby. And babies get up at night. And babies have horrible sleep patterns sometimes. And babies don’t care when it’s Saturday which is the only day your alarm isn’t going off at 5:35am, they will get up whenever they want.

And I signed myself up for all that when I found myself with a little babe growing within.

But last night, when I finally laid my babe in his crib, I prayed a little prayer of, “Lord, just let me get a few solid hours of sleep tonight?”

And after lots of wakeups and convincing my small child that it was still time to sleep, it was 4am. And his eyes were wide open. And he was talking. And I didn’t know what to do with myself. Or him. And The Husband — oh! The Husband — was the perfect savior of this household’s sanity and was more of a knight in shining armor then ever before, and he rolled over to me and said, “I’ll take him.” At 4am. With a full day of work ahead of him and evening commitments.

And he let me sleep. And he brought our babe back to me when he was heading out of the house and my beautiful child was then ready for a bit more sleep and quickly dozed off at my side and let me have even more sleep. And I was able to get a solid 2 hour chunk there at the end.

So you see, God gave me what I needed. His solution didn’t look the way I thought it would, but He still made sure I was taken care of with a few hours of uninterrupted rest.

And it felt amazing.

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