this day

This is it. This is the only chance I’ll have to live today. There are no do-overs. I can’t make adjustments after the fact so I like the outcome better. There’s no rewinding and there’s certainly no pausing.

I only have one opportunity to live these minutes that will make up this day.

(Sometimes very basic ideas and concepts become fresh and real.)

It makes me want to kiss The Husband more, hold my baby more, have all my words be covered in kindness — honor the Lord in all my words and deeds.

That said, I’ll go now. My baby is awake and I want to be as present in his life as I can be. And there’s a house to tidy so that it’s a place of peace for when The Husband comes home. And there are bags of apples to be processed.

Canned applesauce and frozen apple slices waiting to be turned into pies and crisps throughout the winter months are my absolute favorites.

Enjoy your fall day. I’m going to enjoy mine.

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