Nothing Really

Life has been slow these last couple of days. And I have been okay with the pace. I’ve just barely been able to maintain things here at The Big Green Home, but really, that hasn’t been the usual struggle it normally would be for my anxious-to-get-much-done heart.

Baby’s been sick. For the last two days. Like this.

Other than a short burst of energy first thing in the morning and another the minute The Husband walks through the door at night (because he is Baby’s favorite person… unless Baby is hungry or tired and then I become his favorite), I’ve had a rather lethargic, snuggly boy on my hands.

So I hold this boy. And wipe his nose. And sing to him because that’s his favorite. And rock him. And kiss his cheek before I lay him down.

This Nothing Really post is simply to remember these slow days with just Baby and me.

I’m loving them.

One thought on “Nothing Really

  1. You are such a wonderful mama. He is a blessed boy. And you are a blessed mama, to know that these days are precious days. Love you!

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