Happy Birthday, Adrian Richard!

Baby Boy, with your first breath of air, you drastically changed our world. And it’s been better ever since.

Adrian, minutes old.

You were so wrinkly a year ago. And such a good sleeper. As long as it was in my arms.

Not much has changed. Except you’re not so wrinkly anymore.

Adrian, six months old.

I’m not sure words can articulate just how much you’re loved, Baby. You, the one who made us a Daddy and a Mama. You, the one who has probably only slept about 50 of your nights not in our bed. You, my constant companion here at home. You, who wants to nearly burst from excitement when you see your Daddy coming home at the end of the day. You, who has brought such joy and happiness and fullness to our world. You, the part of our family we didn’t know a year ago but can’t imagine life without now.

Sometimes I tend to dwell on what’s ahead. And I know that what’s ahead is years flying by and sooner than I know it, you’ll be be grown, our days of tending to your needs physically, spiritually, and emotionally will look vastly different as you become man, and you’ll leave to find your own way in this great big world. And really, Baby, that makes my heart awfully sad though I know I’ll be awfully proud as well.

So today, as we say goodbye to the first year of your life, I tried my best to not dwell on the heartache side (an ENTIRE YEAR is gone!), but instead simply be with you.

I’ve tickled you lots and you’ve laughed lots. We’ve played Pat-A-Cake over and over and over until I’m sick of rolling and patting and marking with a B. I’ve held you longer than necessary as you fall asleep for naps.

You’re a blessing. A complete blessing. We pray for you, Baby. And we’ll continue to do so. That you’ll find Jesus at a young age. That you’ll serve the Lord faithfully all your days. That you’ll know what it is for His face to shine on you. He loves you so.

Happy Birthday, Baby. You’ve made this past year wonderful!

Adrian, one whole year.

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