I told myself that since I’m not keeping a baby book and my journal has turned into hastily scribbled prayers, I would keep this space up-to-date with the happenings of the Tabolt Home and our Baby’s world.

I forget everything so I should write it all down to remember.

No, really. You think I’m joking. I’m already foggy on when my child began crawling.

(I just had to look at my Instagram to remember that he was crawling 6 weeks ago)

But I’ve not been doing well in jotting things down here. At all.

Honestly, my brain feels a bit like mush these days. I have responsibilities and people and needs seeming to claim most minutes of my days and when I do have a free second to sit down — well, I’m blank.

Anyway. I need to just start…

The nights are dark and so hot dinners, lit candles, and music playing are evening necessities. They keep one feeling cozy and warm while the battle begins of keeping the cold out.

Baby is growing in independence and the ability to entertain himself which is wonderful and keeps me on his toes.

Yesterday he finangled himself into the downstairs closet where I keep my bulk food stored. He got into my bag of raw sugar and was having quite the party with the sweetness when I found him. The look of delight and pride over his discovery was priceless. I couldn’t help but be amused, smile and kiss his sticky face as I brought him up to the bath. At 2pm. It was that sort of day.

Every now and then I think about my days spent here at home caring for my baby, taking care of The Husband, and I become overwhelmed with gratefulness that this is what I do. I love it.

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