This morning…

…has been a pajama sort of morning. For both Baby and me. And I’m still not showered or dressed. Sometimes I just get going with the day and completely skip that step. And that’s what happens when you finish breakfast, devotions, nursing a babe, and dive right into the day’s baking of cupcakes and cookies.

Today we get into our party mode. And tomorrow night we party.

…was beautiful. Especially at 7:30am when I started my cupcakes. This was right outside my kitchen windows. Ah. Seriously. This place that God brought me to is really, really beautiful.

…I could hardly handle this cuteness. His hair. His smirk. While lounging on the floor eating some Cheerios. This is also my world. And while this world has some challenging moments, it is incredible.

I’m his mom.

…was filled with cuddles. “They” say do what works for your child. But “they” also have lots of suggestions for what’s best for your babe. I’m pretty much the worst mom according to the book because I’ve broken about every single rule out there.

But it works for my child.

Anyway. We’ve gone full circle in the last 12 months in the sleep department. Baby only slept on my chest for the first 2 months of his life. He then learned how to sleep next to me and eventually how to handle sleep in his crib. In the last few months he’s gone back to sleeping next to me and now we’re back to only on my chest (or Daddy’s when he’s home). So, I’ve made a makeshift bed on the floor so I can lay with him and once he’s out, easily put him down.

I know “they” would say I’m creating bad habits and he should be a bit more independent at this point –

But don’t they know?

He’s my first baby. And I’m a stay-at-home-mom. And that means I can take 20 minutes twice a day and let him fall asleep on my chest for his naps. And I realize that not everyone gets to do what I do so you better believe I’m going to be super thankful for the gifts I’ve been given and love every single minute of the sleepy cuddles.

And am and I do.

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