the reason

It’s all snowy and wintry and windy out. It’s rather perfect since it makes it feel much more like Christmastime, but it did add an extra ten minutes to The Husband’s commute which is stinky and today is supposed to be my grocery run day and there’s no way I want to go out in this weather. I feel more like staying put in my warm house, turning on the Christmas tunes, and mopping my floors.

I love the way Murphy’s Soap makes my house smell.

The Husband took care of Baby’s first wake-up last night at midnight and I got five solid hours of sleep. This is absolute bliss in the Mommy’s World (and all who are not moms check out at this point). But speaking of the Mommy World — I’ve been sleeping through Baby’s wakings at night. This won’t be a real surprise to those who know me well since I can sleep through anything (including the family van sliding off the road and into a guard rail), but I used to be up at the slightest bit of movement. I’m losing my mommy touch…

This morning as I picked up from the whirlwind of packing The Husband’s lunch and making him breakfast, I found myself thinking of John 10:10:

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

I love December and this holiday and all the warmth it brings and family traditions to enjoy and really, I love the story that we celebrate: Jesus’ birth. But honestly, I sometimes forget to really remember why we even have that story.

And this morning, as I stood at my sink and watched the snow come down and be whipped about by the wind, I remembered the reason He even came to earth: to seek and save that which was lost. You and me. To bind up the broken. You and me. To pardon the sentence of death on you and me. To give life – eternal life. To you and me.

That is why we have this most wonderful time of the year. And it is reason to celebrate and be filled with joy. It’s the reason.

What an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, life-changing reason. For you and for me.

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