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Wow. Wow. January 27 was my last post. Have I really been absent for that long?

Give some grace.

Now for some ramblings that I know you’ve missed…

Last Spring I purchased a new cardigan. It was turquoise. Yesterday I purchased a new top because I just “needed” something fresh. After I came home I realized that it’s also turquoise. I was like, “Really?!” To be fair to myself: I had wanted one of the two peach colored shirts I had picked out, but neither fit so I had to settle with more turquoise. Anyway. I need to branch out.

I live in two different places right now that are separated by two hours. It is an odd topsy-turvy-in-limbo sort of sensation when you go back and forth every week, but I think we’re getting into a groove. I think. What I do know is that while we’re trying to find our groove, everyone around us is being ridiculously gracious.

The Husband worked nights last week. I have a new sort of compassion for men who have to do so on a regular basis. And their wives. It stinks. It just does.

My dear sweet boy has reached a new level of independence (that’s the nice way of saying he’s discovered the art of telling me when he dislikes what I’m doing or not doing for him). And so we’ve been thrown into the mix of trying to figure out how to raise and shape a little person. I don’t know much and most days I feel like I’m already floundering, but this I do know: So far, I think I’m experiencing the fires of sanctification even more than the 15-month-old. It feels as though hourly I’m confronted with selfishness, pride, and insecurity coming from the depths of my heart. Ah, Lord, I didn’t know it would reveal so much sin in my own life. But really, I’m just starting to live out what I used to only know hypothetically: I am my child’s example of a sinner saved by grace. I am my child’s example of Him being strong in our weaknesses. I am my child’s example of how desperately in need we are of Him every single hour of every single day.

Although this will irk my Mom, I am so ready for Spring. Come March I start to feel a bit cooped up. I grow disgustingly jealous of LA moms who spend their afternoons in cardigans at the park. It’s true, the end of winter brings up more grossness in my life. Wow. Jesus, I need some serious help! I will give the Northern March Sun a nod for being wonderful. It is so warm these last few mornings as it comes through our kitchen windows.


That’s all.

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