life these days

First sunburn of the year. Three months of The Husband working a new job. Three months of morning coffee with the mama, lunch conversations concerning proper amounts of protein with the 15 year old brother, and my little family living life in the studio apartment at my parent’s house. 16.5 weeks of carrying Baby T #2 and sometimes forgetting just how far along I am (but, in case you fear you’re forgotten entirely, Baby T #2, this mama has been quite√ā¬†conscious of making sure she’s staying active and [sort of] fit in anticipation for what she now knows she’ll have to go through to deliver you into the world). A tall, thin, sometimes stubborn, and so very goofy infant who seems to have suddenly turned into toddler overnight.

This is my lovely, topsy-turvy world these days. And there are so many things to enjoy and love.


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