Afternoon Thoughts

It’s one of those rare afternoons when all three children are asleep and the only noise keeping me company is the humidifier we have beside my piano. It runs every hour of every single day for about eight months out of the year. It is huge and it is loud, but it’s good for my instrument so we keep it going.

The sun is streaming in through the window and I found the spot on the couch where it shines the most. I’ve been told you don’t actually receive any of the benefits from the sun’s ray when it comes through glass, but there are benefits that the soul receives. The days are growing longer. They are. It’s not so noticeable if you were to watch for it every single day, but just yesterday I realized that oh! day is hanging around for a little bit longer than it was just a few weeks ago. I’ll gladly take it.

This morning I found myself humming “Refiner’s Fire” (an old worship song) as I washed dishes and vacuumed the mudroom and changed a diaper and killed a spider and kept the fire in the basement going.

Purify my heart
Let me be as gold
Or precious silver
Purify my heart
Let me be as gold, pure gold

It’s a sweet prayer, and the song has a sweet melody that invokes a response of, “Oh yes!” in your heart. But in reality, it’s probably a bit of an uncomfortable prayer. I thought of the process that one goes through in order for impurities to be removed. Gold and silver are purified by being placed over hot coals, being stirred and skimmed to remove the unwanted bits. But it’s a process that’s worth it.

There are seasons in life of rest and fruitfulness and feeling like one is on top of the world — and how wonderful those times are — but there are other seasons where growth needs to take place. And growing pains perhaps accompany. But I think we wouldn’t appreciate the mountaintop experiences as much if that’s all we knew. And isn’t it wonderful that He cares enough about us that He works faithfully and gently to purify and make us look more like Him?

A baby is stirring upstairs. I’m off for now.

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  1. So beautiful. My precious girl who understands His ways. May you find Him in all these things always.

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