February’s made an appearance with a reminder that it’s still winter. Cooler (but not the coldest) temperatures have been consistent, bits of snow here and there, and then today, it’s giving us a real heartfelt snowfall.

It’s snowing right now. Two boys are out playing and a baby girl naps. I’ll make soup later, we’ve no evening plans to take us from home, and we’ll settle into this winter world once again. Just a little bit more, little bit longer. Settle down and enjoy these quiet days.

It is so quiet. We have several acres of openness surrounding our home. This morning I stood outside, snow falling, and listened to the silence. It is so quiet when snow comes. And something about standing there, in such a silent, open place, made me feel incredibly small. It’s good to feel one’s smallness — to be reminded that we are just a part of God’s story, and to say, “Help me make the most of the few days I’ve been given, that I might live out the small part You have for me, Lord.”


We made a quick trip to the library this morning before the snow really started to come down. We’ve made weekly trips for most of the last 5 weeks — a record, I think, for us.

Our baby girl is almost a year old, and I found myself saying this past Sunday to a favorite lady, “I feel like I’m starting to get my bearings again.” I know some who dive into new seasons with gusto and energy, and I am the reminder that some of us take time to figure things out when life changes. And it’s okay. We don’t all have to handle life the same way.

But things are smoother lately. Our baby girl doesn’t scream the entire time we’re in the grocery store, my two big boys have really made huge strides in their obedience/self-control when we’re out and about — and these trips to the library have been¬†enjoyable¬†(something I honestly have doubted could be an option in the past). I guess I’m just here to say that it’s okay if things take time — these last 5 years are a testament that seasons really do come and go, and probably when you start to feel like you’re going to forever be stuck with a temper tantruming toddler and screaming baby every time you try to leave your house, that’s probably when you’re about to see victory in your toddler and your baby will outgrow whatever difficult stage they’re in.

(Oh, and celebrate the victories. Even with little ones. After successful trips, when we’re all buckled in, I shower praise and encouragement on my 5 and 3-year-old. And my 3-year-old always asks, “That made you really proud, mama?” And I answer, “I couldn’t have been more proud.”)

But what was I saying? Oh, yes, trip to the library. Our basket is full. I’ve stolen this idea from… everyone? Get a basket. Fill it with books (and in our case, new rounds of books every week or so) and read, read, read.


After all, winter is for sledding, hot chocolate, soup, blankets, and books, right?

One thought on “seasons

  1. I love the deep silence of snow covered fields. I drink it in with absolute wonderment.

    And yes – winter is for all those things, and books most of all. Blankets and books. The best!

    I love you, my sweet season-embracing girl. May we all move with seasons as gracefully and patiently as you.

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