tid-bits of nothings.

i tried on my dress tonight. it’s pretty. just one more thing to remind me that it’s coming up quickly.

my sister will be married in four days. married. happy? yes. it’s exciting. and sad. i don’t know.

a week from now i’ll be flying out to spain. have i told you that i’m going? well, i’m going to spain. for two weeks — or is it three? i’m really not sure which it is. i’ll pack and leave. am i excited about it? i guess. i haven’t really thought much about it.

am i going to nepal in august? well, i don’t know. right now it’s alot about the money.

i called my sister today. the one with two little ones and a third on the way. i had a question and we talked about what to wear for the rehearsal dinner this friday. it sounded like gabriel was pounding on his drum and our baby bronwyn started crying half-way into our conversation. i hate the nine hours separating us. i just wanted to help.

she’ll be here tomorrow night. and my other sister from PA is coming tonight. yes, that’ll be great fun. my nephew and niece will be here. you will most certainly have pictures.

4 thoughts on “tid-bits of nothings.

  1. I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing all of you! In less than 4 hours … I’ll be on my way in my little white Honda. Vroom, vroom!

  2. Well there here. Early though, but hey. I like it better. Carina came early too:)
    Happy, and i love my family!

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