lobster, lobster.

ryan’s father and stepmom came over for dinner tonight. they brought a little bit of maine to us — 10 live lobsters. yes, it was delightful. actually, it was the first time i’ve ever had lobster. oh, i’ve had few opportunities to order lobster, but always chose something else. it was just so much fun. merrick had a few crawling around the kitchen floor right before ryan cooked them. yeah, it was fun.

i do believe that we might be ready for the wedding. how amazing.

i’m excited about all the people we’ll see this weekend. i wish it wouldn’t go by so quickly.

no matter what i do, all i think about is you…

5 thoughts on “lobster, lobster.

  1. The Lobster wasn’t my favorite. The taste didn’t get to me all that much. But the couple bites i had was good. But of course i had butter on it. So i don’t know if you would count that. But hey, I think we are ready too. I hope it will go well.

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