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thursday, january 13, 2005

I don’t want to sound dramatic – I despise the teens these days who blow everything way out of proportion and make their life sound ten times worse then it really is…

september 29, 2004

Oh! To see the horrid display I put on last night – it was so humiliating!

tuesday, october 19, 2004

…It’s the playoffs between the Yankees and Red Sox. The Yankees won the first three games and I was confident that they would win the 4th game and go to the World Series. But somewhow the Red Sox won the next three and we’re left with tonight to finally show whose the best. Go Yankees!

what is wrong with me?

tuesday, october 5, 2004

it’s official, i hate my life

what’s with the emo crap?

monday, october 11, 2004

I’ve often wondered why people are so incredibly insecure. It has often frustrated me and at times I’ve wanted to go up to a person and slap some sense into them. I never thought that I was insecure. Never did it once enter my mind that I could be just like everyone else around me. But I am. And it frustrates me so, that at times I can’t stand myself. Not the, being like everyone else, but the insecurity that I see in myself.

thursday, february 24, 2005

I know Brietta says it’s only natural that people like each other, but I think it’s a stupid distraction, a waste of perfectly good time, and ends up ruining everything.

that one made me laugh… i’m so ridiculous.

friday, may 27, 2005

…This is all just tragic. At age 17, I’m already miserable. Yay! I can’t wait to see what the rest of my life will be like!

Sometimes it’s horrible to know that I have another 60 years in this world – 60 more years to feel like a loser.

i am so very dramatic at times… here i am, making my life look ten times worse then it really is. : )

monday, october 18, 2004

I’m done with people. I’m done with them wearing me out. I don’t want any of it. I would be content to live an isolated life with no connections. But perhaps that’s not the most godly thing to asprie to.

If one more person this week asks me what colleges I’m looking at, I believe I’ll scream.

thursday, june 16, 2005

…But enough of that. I realize it does me no good reflecting on any of this. The Lord has been good and has blotted out all my sin. Does it bring Him glory for me to mope about and feel guilty over the very sins that He has already forgiven?

“For to You, O Lord I lift my soul.
For You, Lord, are good and ready to forgive,
And abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.”

– Psalm 86

t h e e n d

9 thoughts on “the real deal me

  1. ah yes life can be many things, but that’s the way its supposed to be. we’re not living for that, only Him. and it’s so much easier when we do that.

    love you!

  2. you know what i’ve started to do when people ask me about colleges?? I tell them what they want to hear. “oh, yes! I’m looking her for this and there for this…. and i think i’ll major in this…” while in reality i have no idea. it’s funny though cause people just won’t take that for an answer! I need to give it more time and trust the Lord that everything will fall in to place. But yes, it does get rather discouraging. If either of us grows up and asks kids what colleges they’re looking at and stuff like that then we’ll just have to get someone to severely hurt us. =P

  3. you know what an annoying question is when people ase why i’m going to language school, “um to learn spanish…” It’s the year of annoying questions, your senior year.

  4. I just tell people i’m going to be a professional mom and they usually find that funny (idk why) and leave me alone

  5. Hey,
    Ya we pitt people will definently miss your sister alot! Shes awesome, and have you heard? Im her biggest fan? =)

  6. Sr. year brings the same question prob bout a million times but like Abby said ( i think) tell them what they want to hear. (whatever you make up though, mkae it brief as to save even more time :)) bout the log i knew exactly what you ment :). take care!


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