our baby doll is here. our drummer boy is here (who is now potty-trained and is quite excited everytime he has to go. “guess what! guess what! i have to go potty!”). this means that my sister and her husband are here. oh, how i love having them around! i just can’t wait till it’s for good.

when everyone was supposed to be leaving/going to bed, we pulled out a few “Napoleon Dynamite” scenes that we found very funny (daniel and brietta have yet to watch the whole thing). we stood in the dining room, crowding around ryan’s new mac, watching this crazy movie and laughing so hard. i just wish that my sister and brother were here as well.

there’s always someone i’m missing. and it gets rather old.

2 thoughts on “family

  1. Very fun! To bad i wasnt there watching it with you guys. But i could here a little. And yeah i was right upstairs and you guys were pretty loud: )

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