the old cookie story

so my sister asked me to make cookies for the meeting tonight. she asked, “can you make them without doubling the sugar?” i laughed and told her i could. and i did as i said. i did not double the sugar. i just doubled the salt, baking soda, and vanilla.


6 thoughts on “the old cookie story

  1. She just told me that she doubled the cocoa in her brownies.

    Oh my.

    Apples falling near trees, or something like that…apples falling near trees.

  2. As in the Turkish Rondo written in the Viennese classical period. Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He did play the mad piano. (I’m taking an Intoduction to music class at Boyce.) I also like Johann Sebastian Bach, I don’t really know any of his music yet but I dig his middle name. 🙂 take care.


  3. oh my, you’re just tooo funny. =P

    did you hear about sunday afternoon? make sure you come! 🙂 I can’t wait to spend some time with you. woo! if you haven’t heard of it, make sure you keep sunday after church free so that you can. claire and/or i will be in touch with you.

  4. aww! i think i went to that last year maybe… hm… that’s too bad though. did claire talk to you? cause the get together will go till 9 or so. you can come over whenever. =) how does that work?

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