8 thoughts on “be back sunday

  1. Louissa Louissa, I would say where to begin, but that sounds like Josh.
    What I want to say is, thankyou so much for your leadership in worship. I have had some awesome experiences in worship, but those two nights were the best. Seriously, you let the Lord lead you, you had such an understanding of what was going on.
    Spirit mmmmm it was the Spirit. On Friday night, I was weeping, and just reconnecting with Jesus, and everytime that Jesus and I would touch on a Different topic, you plyed the perfec song. Which made me cry harder. That for me was a first. It’s like when you went up an octive, my crying went up an octive. Thankyou. very much for everything. And when I was done crying, and looked up, you were smiling with Jesus torwards Heaven. Totally great, and victorious. And I won’t even touch on Saturday night. I mean come on we all felt The HOLY SPIRIT IN A POWERFUL WAY. And yes indeed Beautiful One never gets old.

  2. louissa…

    i’m so glad you’re thinking j.jill too…maybe you should join me. and we might even get free clothes or a disscount. that would be wonderful. : )

  3. When I heard Daniel say you lost your voice this weekend at overlook, I assumed it was from leading worship and I would have given anything to see you playin’ away on your keyboard leading your peers into the presence of the Lord. Now I see that you certainly have touched many people by serving. You are amazing. What a testimony. Keep it up.

    BTW, you have a big fan down here. A certain little guy named Joel was talking about you and your pictures on the web here and was quite excited about “Lacia”(or however you would spell it) You’re the best. Can’t wait to be home and hear you lead worship again!

  4. Are you going to Kickoff night? … that’s great. I had fun talking to you on the google thing last night. I was at Ben’s for desert. Random.


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