hello again

i’m sorry. have i been ignoring you?

well, you know me and my packed social schedule… who has time for a blog? : )

– – – – – – – –

i’m not sure how it happened. but this morning i found myself standing on a green court, racket in hand, swinging at little yellow balls that most dogs use as chew toys. and then after hitting it, i would have to chase after it – it’s such a great game.

you can’t say no when my dad asks you to play though. so i ended up out there and really did enjoy myself. everyone should learn how to play tennis.

– – – – – – – –

daddy: so are you signed up for the 5 Hour Driving Course?

me: i have to call again and see if they are offering it when i’m not busy.

daddy: no hurry. i hear they offer it to senior citizens.

– – – – – – – –

you should have been at my house last night. or if you were there, you should’ve stayed longer. just ask “sugah-baby” or “circus gorilla” or “fuzzy.” we had a lovely time eating too many cookies, trying irish jigs, and singing into the piano.

life at my house is never boring.

10 thoughts on “hello again

  1. that sounds like fun. i want to learn to play tennis-there’s a court near my house. i should scedule my five hour too but right now i’m just really happy i got my permit after only four months of beating around the bush. jamie cullum is wonderful.

  2. The only problem was we couldn’t go to sleep when you guys were singing chords. I don’t know if that’s spelled right or not. And i know who is Sugah baby and circus Gorilla, but who is fuzzy? I have a guess who it is: )
    To many cookies, i had to many to. And i was really tired, so i i couldn’t stop laughing. Is that how you spell it. I don’t care. You know what i mean.

  3. oh my!! I definately didn’t stay long enough last night. =P

    did you play at M-W? We start tennis in gym tomorrow morning (7:45… woo… haha) because too many people complained of the dew on the early morning grass when playing soccer or ultimate frisbee. I didn’t care, but I like tennis SO much more! (in gym anyhow…) so i’m excited.

    can I go to the 5 hour with you?? I thought it was fun!! haha jk… well… sorta… =P

  4. Jill…I don’t know who you are or your email, but maybe someone could fwd this to you. 5 hr applies to EVERYBODY…even if you’re 80 and trying to get a license. It’s everyone.

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