8 thoughts on “when the tears fall…

  1. good question. haha- no, I’m just going to pick “As the Deer”. We’ll need two others… maybe one a little up beat and one a little not. =P You can pick those. I’ll call you tomorrow night, okay? You’re awesome- thanks sooo much for doing this!! love you. =)

  2. i wasn’t exactly just talking about us.( “the graduated”) it’s everybody.
    growing up is depressing. i can’t help that. : )

    i love you.

  3. How does it feel to be “xanga central”? I just started mine and I am already down to like fourth on your list. Your xanga is apparently the place to be. How exciting for you. “Lucky..” (said in Napoleon Dynamite accent).

  4. Ha ha, thanks for the comment. I was just kidding about being mad, I was a little surprised though that nobody commented(about the song at least). But isn’t that frog picture awsome?

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