christmas time.

the family room is ready for christmas. the tree is up and decorated, the furniture is rearranged to fit the tree in, the decorations are all out, and the candles are still burning from earlier. we made cookies, hot chocolate, had friends over, played christmas music, and hung up our ornaments. i don’t know if i’ve ever told you, but i love christmas.

i’m just a bit confused, a bit frustrated, and a bit annoyed with myself because i’m feeling like this. i don’t believe it’s at all Godly.

that’s it.

5 thoughts on “christmas time.

  1. Louissa! You know Santa personally? and you got to take care of his scarf? Wow. You are the luckiest girl. Glad you had a good time and glad you’re home!

  2. cause santa is real: )
    but to take care of his nice scarf is a very fun thing…..(i guess).

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