find a tree and decorate it.

my wicked cool brother-in-law.

looking out.

walking up to find just the right tree.

our gabriel boy.

the louissa with no make-up.



ry and danica standing by their tree.

all of us — well, the family members that went out to get the tree.

decorating the tree.

spending time together.

colin, gabriel, merrick, and mama/nana lying under the tree.

gabriel sinclair paladin.

10 thoughts on “find a tree and decorate it.

  1. hmmm, Liana looks like frodo. haha.

    That look like fun.

    So welcome back. And I just noticed that I know alot of red heads born in march. That’s funny.

  2. Louissa,

    I really enjoy reading your posts. I especially enjoy seeing the pictures of two of the sweetest children in the world. Thanks and keep posting.


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