because i love my babies.

first. happy birthday lore. i love you so much.

second. posting pictures is much easier then writing and i’m sure it’s much more enjoyable for you to look at then to have to deal with me writing all about, well, me. here are some of my niece and nephew at the yellow house last night.

gabriel boy with his grin and our baby doll, unsnapped, and as cute as ever.

gabriel drumming with his drums at his yellow house.

the cutest chubby baby doll ever with her toys.

gabriel opening a early present with bronwyn looking on.

yes, i love them so much. how can you not though when she lays on the floor next to you and puts her short chubby arm around your neck and he giggles all the time and talks about things only a two-year-old can get away with? i’m just the aunt, but they still make my day a bit brighter when i walk down in the morning and see him drumming on all the cans and my little girl toddling around and falling every other step just because she’s a klutz.

i’m going to miss them. thankfully, they’re only moving down the street.

and i’m thankful that i still have a little boy with me. merrick isn’t that old. : )

6 thoughts on “because i love my babies.

  1. awesome pictures!

    I bet they’re excited to be in their own beautiful house now.

    I hope that I’ll see you tomorrow!! Please come, ’cause I miss ya like crazy. =)

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