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  1. okay, so i’m not like wicked smart or anything. you just put a picture up of him instead of posting a link to the picture. it’s much easier that way, for future references.

  2. If there’s a wicked smart and a wicked stupid, I wonder if there’s a wicked um…. normal inteligence level or something. That would be cool, I bet that’s what I’d be…. at least I hope. Maybe something like, “Wicked semi-just below normal inteligence level, but not really stupid but not quite normal, just semi-just below normal inteligence level”

    Yeah, if I could only paraphrase it.
    Smart and Lazy.
    : |

    Ben I see once again you have made the move to Freewebs.
    Hopefully this time you will learn to stop flirting with them and be serious. Hosting a Real Website demands a serious committment.

    : |

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