heart day

i feel the need to post something, but don’t have the time to actually write. this is the perfect time to re-post an old entry.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

if i was a perfectly lovely person, i would send each of you something on valentines day. perhaps i would make heart shaped sugar cookies, decorate them with red, pink, and white frosting and send them to all of my faithful readers who i love and hate so very much. but i’m sure you wouldn’t recieve them in a whole heart shape, so i’m not doing that. home-made cards… nope. not doing that either. i’m terrible at making them and i definately don’t have the patience to make enough for all of you.

i’m afraid you’re going to have to get over the fact that you’re not getting anything from your favorite person this year.

10 thoughts on “heart day

  1. wow louissa……thats all i have to say. 🙂 how are you? gosh, out of sight, out of mind I guess! no, just kidding. but seriously, whats new? I’m doing well, my friend from home flew out for the weekend so I had a lot of fun with her:) I’m doing the school thing you know,, looking forward to warm weather and pants that aren’t so tight,, and soo ready for singles awareness day! haha:) *peace girl

  2. I posted a comment in my xanga site in reply to yours, I don’t know why I don’t put it here maybe because I don’t want everyone knowing what I wrote! Pray for me by the way also for what is written in my xanga reply! Thanx!

    God Bless: AnDi 😀

  3. Hey Ben, it’s because Microsoft wants to rule the world. Don’t you know that by now? Foolish child. I use the same type of Blog and Iv’e found that it is a common reported problem among FW blog users. It does let some FireFox users comment though…
    Oh yeah…. my origional purpose in commenting…. what was it?

    Nice entry Louissa… last year.

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