make you happy?

i took a walk early this afternoon. i had had enough of sitting and reading and knew that walking for a bit would be a nice break.

the residential side of town is cut up in nice and tidy little squares that are so entirely perfect i figured my daddy must have come with a ruler in hand and measured everything out as precisely as he does before he cuts a cake. it’s hard to get lost, even if it was your first time out on foot, because of the creative names they used for their streets. 1st North St, 2nd North St, 3rd North St, etc…

the blocks made me think of the patchwork quilts you see when you look outside the window of an airplane.

my first morning here, i looked out the window and saw a towerish/steeple thing with a clock in it. it’s the only thing of height i could see and i decided that i had to find it at some point. it reminded me of something from Russia and i thought it delightful. i found it today. and on closer look, it probably resembles something more German than Russian, but being the ridiculous girl i am, i thought Russian.

on saturday, kara and i decided to pretend we were old and we took the car and drove into minneapolis to the Mall of America. mitch thinks he’s cool because his friends are seniors and have cars to drive. i told kara she was even cooler because her parents trust her friend with their car.

but anyways. this post was mostly to make my mumsie happy. she misses me and doesn’t like when i don’t post often. my family will be starting American Idol right now and eating brownies. i’ll go down with this lovely family and watch it. i wonder if anyone will vote from NY since i’m not there.

i leave on thursday. i’m not looking forward to that. and it doesn’t look like i’ll actually be home until friday afternoon.

i miss home. but when i’m not here i miss this famil.

life rots.

: )

5 thoughts on “make you happy?

  1. I voted. For Elliot and Paris and Chris. I tried calling my votes in before we left Mom and Dad’s, but I kept getting busy signals; so I came home and text message’d them in. It’s the first time I’ve ever sent a text message (because they cost money, and also cause I kind of think they’re stupid), so now I feel technologically advanced and a bit frivolous. (OK–so it was only like $0.10 a message, but still…!)

    Anyway. We’re down to few enough people at this point that I feel compelled to vote if I want to see the people who perform well move on to the next round.

    My hope: Kellie goes home. (She was TERRIBLE this week!)

    My prediction: Katherine, Paris, and Kellie in the bottom three (the guys were really strong this week), Paris goes home. 🙁 I think she has an amazing voice, but her personality is intensely annoying and I think she’s getting on America’s nerves. We shall see.

    This comment got out of hand. Sorry I didn’t just e-mail you!

  2. Julia tried but never got through. Glad Elliott was voted for by Bri. I also would have voted for Katharine, although her dress was embarrassingly inappropriate. Too bad they don’t limit them a bit more. I think it may turn alot of people off to her, and I personally thought her performance was great otherwise. I hope she’s not gone tonight – I can’t imagine she will be and hopefully that will be the last of horrific clothing choices!

    I think Kellie realizes that she is outclassed at this point. I wonder if America will catch on as well. 🙂

    I do miss you, and I do love your posts!

  3. Wow you all are so funny with this American Idol stuff. I like Apprentice although we don’t have television. I watch that online! lol. We all have our quirks I suppose! Hello to you all!


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