silly nonsense about my life… and nyc

as i walked into the house last night, i felt like i had been gone for so long. i can only imagine how long Spain will feel.

oh, did you not know? yes, i’ll be flying to Spain in a few weeks. i’ll be making the same exact drive i just took (only to an aiport), hopping onto a plane, and will be there for three weeks. it’ll be crazy and i’m excited.

my younger brother has been playing American Idol with his stuffed animals this morning. and it has been going on all morning. i love it.

but anyway. here i be, in my blue chair with my blue blanket wrapped around me, and i’m writing in this even though i should be putting a program together for tomorrow nights recital. pictures are scattered across the kitchen table, but the need for developing some more has put a stop to my efforts of putting a collage together. who i should thank, how i should thank them, and how i’m supposed to start my speech is running through my head. i keep thinking of drama’s i’m to have learned very soon and an exhortation i’m to prepare. i have a suitcase to unpack and this sick stomach feeling isn’t leaving me very quickly.

this morning my sister asked why the summer is never relaxing. we always picture the days filled with garden work, dinners on the porch, and movies in the evening. i think of strolls along the park, with ice cream in hand, and time well spent with those i love. i imagine time to bask in the warmth of the sun (okay, or just imagine the sun warming us at all) and afternoons at the beach. but enough of all that nonsense. i guess we’re growing up and have realized that the whole entire summer isn’t for that. you go on vacation to get that. amazing, isn’t it?

i’m guessing that i’m technically supposed to write something about nyc, right? okay, here it is:

1. i’ve come to this conclusion: women in cities don’t know what size they are. apparently they go into a store, grap the size jeans they wore when they were twelve, walk out with them, and somehow squeeze their way into them without a thought about the fact that when putting clothing on, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

2. disclaimer: i’m joking. don’t get offended. starbucks is scam. they charge too much for making people believe that they actually like coffee when in reality, they don’t. they can’t stand the warm dark liquid that i drink every morning but they just love grande caramel macchiato’s which have 1% coffee in them. sure, that stuff is good if you want a dessert to drink, but don’t keep ordering that and trying to convince me that you like coffee. that’s not coffee. that’s a coffee fluff drink.

3. want to sound good singing? hang out in a subway station around one ‘o clock in the morning waiting for a train that will never come and start singing. you not only relieve yourself of the boredom that had claimed you, but you sound the best you ever will at that hour.

4. a few of us showed an amazing amount of patience as we waited for celebrities to come out of the Tony Awards. and we were rewarded for all our waiting. near the end of our standing there, Oprah came out and i yelled, “we love you Oprah!” okay, so it was a slight exaggeration, but you would have said that same thing. it’s amazing to see what comes out of your mouth when you’re so near someone famous.

5. i love cities and the energy they hold. i love small town and the charm that comes with them. i love mountains with rivers and the greeness that they bring to my life. but i don’t love any of them as much as i love the sea. nothing is as peafeful and completely wonderful to me as the sound and the sight of the ocean.

6. beach volleyball is the only way to go. after three games i figured out that during volleys, i had actually only come in contact with the ball three times at the most. now that’s the way to do it.

7. a city is a city and a sewer is a sewer. there is no way to have that many people in that small of a vicinity and not have a stink that’s unbearable in some areas. but it amazes me that the smell of nyc is the same as smells in the cities of kazakhstan and spain. there is no way to hide certain things.

8. they shot fire through the stage, people literally disappeared before our eyes, and two people would exit one side of the stage and a second later be entering on the opposite side. theatre amazes me. go and see something. it’ll be worth it.

9. i love history and that’s why i love the Metropolitan Museum of Art. i plan on going again at some point and taking all day if need be to study everything that i love.

10. if you’re still reading this then you’re amazing and i owe you a lot of love.

black or red nail polish?

12 thoughts on “silly nonsense about my life… and nyc

  1. Ok, you officially owe me alot of love, cause I red that whole thing. And I dont think that I have smiled so many times over the course of reading a great post. That was simply amazing. A note i took was that you said you were snuggled in your blue blanket… or some thing along those lines. That almost brought a tear to my eyes, cause I lost my favorite thing in the whole world a few years ago, and its was called my blue blanket. I was like Linus. Oh yeah.
    So Glad you’re back and hope to see you soon.


  2. the power of the celebrity is amazing, isn’t it?

    …and the met is absolutely stinking awesome!

    how is your site working? i switched it to my server last saturday…isn’t wp 2.0 great? i started using it more since i put my site back online; i’m really liking it.

  3. red. and i would love to see Julie Andrews. that would be so cool! I thoroughly enjoyed your post. It’s like taking a trip with you. thanks for sharing.

  4. i saw shirley jones on Broadway two years ago.

    she actually wasn’t that good, but it was incredible to see someone famous on stage.

  5. i had a lot of fun with you in nyc, especially “wow kara, we need a camera, look at those beautiful colors in the sky” =)

  6. Red. Black is too hard to remove. Ask Justin how I know that. 😉

    Some day I might like to visit NYC, but it would have to be with someone who knows the city, ’cause I’m scared of it. Is that silly? Well, it’s honest, anyway. That’s the main reason I didn’t offer to chaperone.

    Anyway, I’m kind of glad you’re not done with your collage and speech yet–’cause we’re not done here, either. I hate being last, don’t you?

  7. It was fun hanging out with you. Thanks for the m&ms- it totally made the Broadway experience more special. And getting that OKAY! completely together was really special. Ha ha.

  8. definitely red. 🙂

    your number one is hilarious. it’s so true.

    and after being in musicals i have this new appreciation for costume changes, set changes, and running around to get to another entrance. it’s truly amazing what these professionals can do!

  9. black.

    and my favorite was number one. i think that every time i go down there. they’re always too long, too. i dunno, it looks uncomfortable. and i always think that if i wanted to dress like that, it wouldn’t be so hard to find jeans. 🙂

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