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11:30 p.m.

i’m packed. yes, all packed. skirts are ironed (okay, okay. the striped pj’s are ironed as well.), clothing is in the suitcase, and toiletries are all ready to go tomorrow morning. i don’t think i’ve ever packed this much for three days. four pair of shoes/flip-flops seem a bit excessive, but matching shoes are rather fun.

i fell earlier today. i guess my “sinclair klutz” genes came out as i walked on the sidewalk beside my brother. one minute i was on two feet and the next second i was down on all fours, laughing and crying out in pain, my brother saying, “wease! are you okay?”, and the lady walking by looking at me funny. my knee, foot, and big toe nail are a bit scuffed because of the whole thing. lovely.

i graduate in a week. that makes me feel weird. and that doesn’t make me very excited. i’m supposed to prepare a speech. a speech that at the end everyone says what they’ll be doing next. only problem is, i’m not really doing much. and once again, i’m more concerned about what others will think of me than i should. i feel confident that this is what i should be doing, but it doesn’t sound very impressive when you say you’ll be working the first year out of high school. oh well.

i leave for nyc tomorrow. i’ll be there for a few days. adios.

6 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Don’t leave, its not worth it. I’ll be at CFC on Sunday. PLus NYC isn’t really all about you. But here it is.
    i think everyone should stay and idno give less attention to Manhatten. Although the best witnessing opportunities are in NYC. At least in the state.
    I’ll be praying for you and everyone on the team, or whatever you guys are calling yourselves.


  2. lol…while the ironing pj’s is pretty weird, i have to agree with the matching shoes thing- even if it means less room in the suitcase. i’m packing for the timothy project and have many flip flops ranging from black to green to white to brown…etc.

    oh well. congrats on graduating and have fun on your trip: )

  3. i think it’s quite impressive. i could never be bold enough to work right after high school. college always seemed like the only option… but i’m still excited… even if i have no idea what i want to do. maybe i just want to spend a lot of money and become a little smarter. haha

    and only 4 pairs of shoes?? when i went to the government class thing i brought 7 pairs of shoes! isn’t that insane? :p (not even including my slippers)

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