more photos

i’ve uploaded some pictures. some are from the class dinner and some are from this past saturday. my camera was passed around on saturday so i tried to tell you who took what picture… correct me if i’m wrong on one.

5 thoughts on “more photos

  1. well, great pictures first off….but…..the pictures from the
    class dinner are taken on ryan’s camera……can’t cheat weasa wainer!!!
    love you lots!!!

  2. i’m dissapointed that a google video link isn’t part of this post. 😉 haha

    i did my model walk down the streets of toronto tonight in my heels. i’m so cool.

  3. Ha ha… Carina, you just said “Dear Abby”.
    4 months later I leave this comment… I know. Crazy!
    I just thought it was funny.


    hmm… I wonder if anyone will ever read this?

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