only in massena

yesterday i went shopping for my upcoming trip to Spain. at the end of our time in the big massena mall i decided to splurge and buy a pair of footless tights. unfortunately the only place that sells them in the north country is Express. now i don’t have anything against that store but i don’t care to go in it all that often since it’s usually overpriced and i feel like the biggest frump every time i’m in there.

you see, i’m not really the Express kind of girl. i’m not tanned and i’m not doing anything to remedy that since i’m fine with my pale complexion. my hair isn’t shoulder-length, flat ironed, and every color under the sun. make-up? well, i do wear some but i don’t plaster my face with it and Lord only knows i had hardly any on yesterday. and i wear sweaters with flower buttons which everyone i know thinks is just darling, but it doesn’t really go with the city chic thing they have going on.

i walked in yesterday and found myself the only customer in the room with three Express workers watching my every move since they didn’t have anything better to do. i got my footless tights and went up to pay for them. the casheir looked at me, smiled her fake beautiful smile showing her straight and bleached white teeth, and said, “now you do plan on wearing these with a short skirt, right? because that’s what they’re for.” now i know i didn’t look super trendy yesterday but i’m not that out of it when it comes to fashion and i found her question rather rude. but because louissa can never be rude back, i smiled myself and told her that i would be doing just that.

then on the way home we had to get gas. lets just say i went into the store twice before i was able to get the pump to work properly for me. all because i didn’t know i had to lift up a little black lever. that was fun.

8 thoughts on “only in massena

  1. yeah, i don’t like the actual express store, but i do like their clothes.
    and i think it will be easier to ask for forgiveness for lying than wearing a short skirt 🙂

  2. yeah, i hate going into that store for the exact same reason. and like you said, i hate it that there are always way too many Express “girls” hanging around watching you while you shop. it’s too bad it’s practically the only decent store up there.

  3. ohh louissa dont worry about the barbie wannabees…your hotter then ever..and there just jealous cause hey have to coat there self with makeup and waer teh ugliest clothes to make the the slight pretty, but babes.. youve got it alllllll natural =]

    and about the gad pump.. lets jsut say…the roots are jsut starting to come out..hehehhe love you

  4. You should see how they look at moms going in there. Actually, they are quite nice b/c they assume we are going to spend alot of $$$$$$ on our kids….

    I love the footless tight look. I want some. I wonder if she would have asked me if I knew they went with short skirts….: D

  5. sooo, tomorrow? i have no idea what time i’ll be getting off until i get there and see what has to be done, so will you be home if i call you during the morning?

  6. Just so you know, I love that I’m the first link. I mean, I know it’s ’cause alphabetically that’s how it works out. But I still feel special every time I visit your site (which is often–and even more regularly if I just need to feel important!).

    So this is just to tell you that you can’t befriend anyone whose name is higher in the alphabet than mine. K?


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