tired=odd post

i do believe i woke up exhausted. that meant that i woke up on the wrong side of the bed and tried hard all day to change that. what happened to me being so easy going?

something that always lifts my spirits is wearing new clothes. i recently was given a pair of jeans that look brand new and fit better than any pair of jeans i’ve bought over the past few years. funny how that works.

i’ll have visitors in october. i know, you’re surprised i’m so popular. i’m flying half-way around the world and i already have plans that include people coming to see yours truly. okay, so it helps that they’re already living in that corner of the world.

there are some things you don’t see very often. one would be her barefoot and in the kitchen.

a few more pictures here.

7 thoughts on “tired=odd post

  1. Northern NY skies are my favorite! I miss that about Potsdam. Oh I hate missing there! lol. Anyway I tend to. I do have friends and I am able to go to Women’s bible study on Thursday night, it is in my appartment building anyway, in my pastors house. I love that I don’t need to drive there and Keith can be away for me to go! YAY.


  2. i know! i still have to go get canadian stamps so i can mail things to the states and then other stamps to mail things to carly in canada.
    will i be able to write you in germany? i’ll have to go to the post office for that too, i guess. haha maybe i should find out where the nearest post office is…

  3. wow!! that is a real suprise to me!! lol…never thought id see carina looking so “homie” i guess the word is…lol j/p


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