thoughts and paintings

want to know what i’ve really been thinking about? we’ll see what this stirs up…

*disclaimer: i’ve not come to any solid conclusions and these are all just wonderings. they are in no way pointedly directed at any individual(s).

1. drinking. where is the line? is it okay to drink or should you never touch alcohol? seems to be a gray area to me — the Bible never clearly says no, but it also says that we’re to be set apart from the world and drinking is very much linked with our society right now (and rather in a bad light as well). is it wrong because of the way it looks or what it makes others think or are we just touchy and self-righteous people in or thoughts concerning alcohol? should it be all about personal conviction or have i missed something?

2. celibacy vs. marriage. singleness is a gift — i don’t think many of us would say otherwise. there are definite advantages to it but most would argue against remaining a celibate because of selfish desires. paul obviously has strong feeling about the issue and urges those who can, to stay single. in response to that, i’ve heard people say, “yeah, well paul’s not God.” no, he’s not — but the Bible does say that it is the inspired Word of God and this is in the Bible. there is obvious good in marriage as well, but do we generally discredit the quality of remaining single? there isn’t a day that goes by, when i don’t think to myself, “i just want to get married.” by thinking that, am i letting myself be distracted and miss some significance in this time of being single? and is it possible that we close our eyes to what might be our calling — to remain single?

3. vanity. at what point does caring about the way you appear become vanity? the proverbs 31 woman always looked nice and was wearing the finest of linen, so when do you start being vain? is it in how much time you take to get ready every morning? how much money you spend to be wearing the most current trend all the time? too much time in front of the mirror? i just don’t know.

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on to something lighter. not only do some see a resemblance between her and i, but some think that i resemble a famous painting.

i know, i don’t know if i see it.

6 thoughts on “thoughts and paintings

  1. my mom always said that brietta looked like the girl in the painting. i suppose that would mean you do too.

    i’d say the third one is the hardest for me to figure out. my guess is i – along with most people – spend way too much thought and money on clothing and improving my appearance, but at the same time, americans just spend way too much money on stuff in general. it’s hard to know how moderate we really should be….

  2. Thanks for the bithday wishes to Hayla. I think you do kinda look like that girl in the picture. It is neat that you are almost exatly looking and sitting the same way. COOL!


  3. We should be set apart from the world.. But what world? We shouldn’t live by America’s standerds..b/c in other societies things are a lot different then in America.. There are so many societies and none of them are completely right.

  4. Drinking: I have always used the culture to tell me when Gray areas are black or white. If it is questioned by some, as in the states, then it is black. If it would be questioned if you didn’t drink (in a Christian setting) like in some countries, then it is white–but here in the US, I won’t.

    Celibacy v. Marriage: Be 100%. Often a future partner blind-sides you and then you can make the shift, but don’t waste energy wondering if you are going to be single or married. Just “be single” until you get married. BTW: the Lord delights to give us the desire of our heart. 😉

    Vanity: Why do you want to look great? Answer that question and you answer your own question. I dress and groom for maximum leadership potential and kingdom effectiveness, not for peer approval or “self-esteem.” Why do you want to look good? Do you see what I’m saying?

    Painting: Yes, I see a similiarity. I actually think the painting looks more like what I remember Liana to look like. But it has been a while…so I could be wrong.

  5. Though marriage is an honorable thing, and I don’t think that most people are called to a life of celibacy, I would still agree with you that we should enjoy a long period of singleness. Singleness is indeed a gift…it does seem that Paul prefers that lifestyle better…

  6. No, I think the girl in the painting looks more like the actress Shelly Duval. You and your sister are much, much, more attractive than either. Just one guy’s opinion.

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