i’ve been here for seven hours already and have slept for most of it.  i’m exhausted and didn’t really sleep on any of my flights.

i’m staying at a families home, here in Friedrichshafen (easy access to the web for the time being) and they have been perfectly lovely.  the youngest, a nine-year-old little boy came in with neighborhood friends and they all stared at me for a few minutes.  they are learning english in school and were very shy in trying to converse with me, but they did stand there and stare for a few minutes — i don’t think they have someone from the US around all the time.  as i write this, there are four little girls standing off to my side in a little group, giggling, taking peeks at me, and eating cookies.  : )

i’m here thinking that i’m all set, only to recieve an email from the school telling me something else that i need to bring and not having it with me.  oh well.  i’m just so tired that i don’t even really care and i’m sure that that’s a problem.

i’ve been inside all day and think that i might go take a walk (everyone uses bicycles here, but i figure i’ll be okay with my feet for the time being).  have a lovely day and know that i honestly am thinking of you — lots.

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  1. I came here to get to other blogs, as usual. I almost did a double-take ’cause I hadn’t expected there to be an update! I’m so glad to “hear” from you.

    We miss you already. Monday night when Daniel got home from ESL, he looked at me and said, “She’s so brave.” I couldn’t agree more.

    And don’t worry, I’ll make sure my kids don’t do anything wonderful or exciting while you’re gone; I could use a break from them growing up, too. 🙂

    Love you.

  2. ah, wease… I miss you so much already! And the saline in my eyes is probably all gone by now. : ) it’s probably a hint for me to stop with the “missing, and reminiscing”. when dad shut the door to the mini-van, i couldn’t really see your face anymore… to make is short, that was tough.

    well, I’m really glad that you posted already! mom said she thought that at the yetzl’s (sp?) you would have pretty easy access, so that got me pretty excited! who are the 4 girls??? how many kids do they have?

    love you!

  3. wease… well, no my footprints dealy just said “louissa” BUT my myxspy said germany… and your IP address was so… yeah… thanks for thinking of my… it’s the thought that counts afterall…

  4. Ok, so I get to be the first non family member to tell you how much I miss you. Even though they miss you way more, just the fact of you being in a different continent is scary.

    Miss you 🙂


  5. I’m glad that you made it ok. All that traveling sounds tiring to me. I’m not very excited about traveling usually! I agree with everyone else: you ARE brave! Make many wonderful memories over the next several months. There will be a day (not so far off) when you will be tucking in your own little ones and thinking of others that you know who are traveling and having wonderful adventures!

  6. Aw, Louissa! I was checking my stat-counter, and discovered that you (I think it was you) visited my blogger from Germany already! I could also say that I’ll miss you, but honestly, if you just update here a couple of times a week then I will hardly know you’ve gone so far away — except when you tell us all about Germany, as I’m hoping you will!

    Praying for rest and continued growth for you.


    wie geht’s?
    as you tromp the streets of Germany, remember you are in our prayers. I can hardly wait to see what God’s gonna do with/through you, missy.

    Wir lieben dich.

  8. That sounds sad but fun. I hope Germany goes well for you. I miss you too but that is because I moved from P-dam and miss you from that first, but now I kinda miss you because if I go visit P-dam I wont see you, unless it is in about 6 months. Who knows. Miss ya anyway!


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