three countries in one day

we started up, what can only be called a rolling hill, slipping and sliding in the mud. we put on our hoodies and jackets and had bad thoughts concerning the rain on the day that we were spending in the Alps. by the time we were at the lake, the rain was gone, the sun was out, and our thoughts were happy ones again. it’s green. it’s big. it’s beautiful. all the cows have bells tied around their necks and they were in the field that we walked through. there are little houses here-n-there that are very tiny and we wondered who on earth would live in the middle of the Alps. our calves hurt and some of us didn’t go up the second trail but stayed and drank the best hot chocolate ever.

so yes, today i passed through Austria and spent the day in Switzerland. life sounds so lovely at times.

i got back and a girl told me that “some woman” had called for me. i wished dinner to go by quickly and yet it was the longest meal we’ve sat at yet. my calling card wouln’t work. everyone said that they were a scam but i was finally getting deserate to call home (some things, such as the international phone calling plan my dad gave me not working here, are very annoying) and so i purchased one. i almost cried. it wouldn’t work for me and it wouldn’t work for my friend.

and then as i was giving up, the phone rang and it was my mumsie. and then it was my sister. and then it was my daddy. and even though i was just in the Swiss Alps, that was really the highlight of my day.

i am so tired today. the hike was tiring. and tonight i said the word “freaking” while on the phone. how sad.

“real” lectures start on monday. you know, the kind where there are tests afterwards. we’ve already been given two big reading/writing projects for this semester. cross my fingers and hope i do well: )

3 thoughts on “three countries in one day

  1. You international person, you. Three countries, eh? How wonderful — tuck that one away for future memory times, if you can. It will come in handy when reading “Heidi” to your neice someday. You’ll be able to bring it that much more to life!

    loved hearing your laugh. It hasn’t changed. Do people there find it as fun as we all do?

    Also glad to hear about writing projects. It will be just what you need! The best way to improve writing is to do it! And to read, read, read…

    love you. I am off to prepare for the morning’s class!

    Your mama!

  2. It sounds like you are surviving! That’s always good. I would do anything to get over there to Switzerland and that area around it. What great photo opportunities.

    You know? I have never been able to use a calling card. They just don’t like me. Gosh! I don’t know what’s with them. I would have to agree with whoever said that they were a scam. Cause they definitely are.

    Well it’s good to hear that you are doing well. Keep up the good work (school that is) and I’ll see you in six months (or maybe even at Christmas).

  3. mrs sinclair – you should read a comment from someone on my xanga post of september 24th for one answer to your question above…. 🙂

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