three weeks

we sat at lunch talking about all the yummy fall desserts that we miss so much. she said her mom was going to send her pumpkin cookies but decided not to since they would be hard by the time they arrived. i said that i missed our pumkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, apple crisp, and pumkin pie. i told them that my mom always decorates for thanksgiving and the table went, “ahhh!” i guess some people don’t do it as big as us — but then again, when i told someone that holidays are a big deal at my house, she replied, “if half your family is like you, not only are holidays big — but everyday is made a big deal!”

i’m not sure, but i think that was a compliment.

but i digress… we finished our main meal and jokingly wondered if the regular yogurt would be brought out for dessert. now mind you, i wasn’t complaining — they feed us entirely too well here (so well that i’m assuming i’ll know what the frehsman fifteen really means by the time i come home) and i really do love yogurt (i eat strawberry yogurt every morning for breakfast) but north americans do not consider plain yogurt with pineapple chunks in it dessert. and not only is it not a dessert, i don’t like plain yogurt with pineapple chunks in it very much. so needless to say, i’ve not been eating the dessert they serve very often, but don’t worry — it’s not like i’m not getting any sweets (heaven forbid!). i simply devour chocolate in my room promptly after dinner.

today was an exception. right after we talked of all this the servers got up and brought us apple crisp. i was in heaven. unfortunately, i didn’t look like i was in heaven afterwards. i ate so much of the real food and then my friend gave me so much apple crip that my stomach looked as though i was pregnant and a few months along. afterwards i felt like i understood a bit of what pregnant women go through when everyone is patting their belly. to a certain extent, that must be awkward, but be thankful that the reason they’re touching your stomach is because there’s a baby inside of you — i was just getting patted because of the consequences of my gluttonous habits.

but hey, i made people laugh.

which reminds me. my little mailbox has been empty for the past few weeks but yesterday a fellow student left me a little note saying how much she loved my laugh. it brought a smile and made me feel loved.

today my tiny mailbox was stuffed with a package from home. and that my friends, has made my day. nothing can go wrong after you read letters from home, look at a picture that includes the Milkyway Galaxy and a skirt and pair of socks that you left at home. i have a big bulletin board in my room and nothing is on it right now. not only will my sisters cd’s be famous by the time i leave but my merrick william’s artwork will also be known — at least by my roommates.

i flew out of the states three weeks ago. this friday will mark three weeks of being here. somehow it feels like an eternity ago. i’m loving it — if you want to dive into the Word of God and have it consume your life, a school like this is the place to be. but you want to know the ironic thing? i’m here at Bible school and it’s a bigger struggle here than it was at home to spend time alone with my Jesus. from the moment i wake up at 6:30 in the morning to when i go to bed at 11:00, my day is full of meetings, lectures, meals, exercise (ask me at some point about the Sport Points), and homework.

so i’m learning how to prioritize.

i’m learning how it’s important to have that quiet time each day even if your life revolves around teachings about Jesus, reading books about Jesus, and writing papers on different books of the Bible. that can’t replace the special time when you spend time with Jesus each day.

i’m learning that my insecurities have ruled my life long enough. i said something the other day about being insecure and one of my roommates said, “no, not you! you can’t be insecure!” i know, it’s amazing but true. i’ve learned that my insecurities don’t bring glory to God, that it has made me a selfish and prideful person, and i’ve also learned that even though i know a lot of truth in my head, at times it takes forever to get to my heart.

and i’ve also learned that 80’s love songs are great background music…

time goes by so slowly
and time can do so much

i’ll be coming home
wait for me, wait for me
are you still mine?

i need your love

4 thoughts on “three weeks

  1. Surely it’s been way more than three weeks! It seems a lifetime ago already…

    Glad to hear that every day is a big deal — because every single day is chockful of God-sized potential. It is good to remember such things!

    I am blessed once again just to read your thoughts. Thanks for posting.

  2. Louissa-

    I’m so glad you received the package so quickly! We miss you so much, and yes, it’s amazing how long 3 weeks can seem!


  3. *I have reported that my xanga has an error a couple times now and they haven’t responded, oh well. Hope you are well.


    *I tried my ma’s loop earings and decided….No…I’ll stick with the ice. *smile.

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