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all you could smell on the 3rd floor was hairspray. girls were running from room to room in search of red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. in each room every drawer and closet had been emptied of all it’s contents because of the search for just the right thing to wear. the amount of leg warmers that had somehow ended up in suitcases were amazing — along with spandex leggings and atrocious pumps. some had gone out earlier in the day to shop for the evening and wore tights that were so gaudy it was sickening. there were too many pony-tails to the side for me to count and everything was crimped.

the staff decorated the dining hall and set up a stage. they had printed up posters of every movie made it that time which included “Top Gun”, “Pretty In Pink”, “Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and others that i didn’t recognize. and the staff… well, some of them were more decked out in their attire than the students.

that’s right, we had an 80’s night.

my roommate teased my hair so that it was the biggest thing i’ve ever seen. it looked more like Grease to me but it worked since practically no one knew what exactly people looked like in the 80’s (most of us were born at the very end of that decade). i stuffed the toes of the shoes i wore since they were three sizes too big and i was even given a pair of gray leg warmers to wear.

as we ate our dessert, we turned our attention to the stage as students (and some of the staff) played songs and recited poems. the first act was singing “Time of Your Life” and i almost thought that it was the real thing from the 80’s. nope. it was the “Green Day” song. oh well. all in all, it was a grand night.

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mr.mark thomas, the son of major ian thomas (founder of torchbearers), came this past week and we studied 1 Corinthians which includes “hot topics” such as marriage/singleness and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which include tongues. it’s just interesting for me to hear someone teach from a different perspective.

most of the students compained because they thought he was rather boring and hard to follow. i loved every minute of it.

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my email isn’t working for some reason. today was going to be my finish my Genesis and Exodus journals for school and catch up on email but after writing four emails i realized they had all been sent back to me. but i just found out that we might be keeping the internet for the whole year so that means that i could go back to my old account. so pretty much, sorry if you haven’t gotten an email back from me.

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  1. Yes, big hair was the staple of 80’s fashion. Unfortunately for me, I have the pictures to prove it. It sounds like fun was had by all.

    You have been in my prayers.

  2. I’ve been a part of a couple 80s parties… but no other “decades.” This leads me to conclude that dressing like the 80s is more costume-like than any other decade, which is exactly why I can’t figure how the styles are becoming so popular again! 🙂

    I wish I could just shadow you for a day; see who you see and what you see and how you see it. Cool stuff you’re doing, Wease.

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