prague was lovely.  prague was amazing.  just about as amazing as the group of girls i went with.

i have pictures.  lots of pictures.  to show how lovely things were and to show how much fun we had.  some show the crazy things we saw and some show that we experienced an irish pub (although i don’t know if you can really experience an irish pub when one drinks coke the whole time).  i may have head lice after the amount of hats that i tried on this past weekend and some things that i saw made me smile and feel all warm on the inside and then others made me just laugh.

alright.  i’m done linking.  for the rest just go here.

3 thoughts on “prague

  1. Lou-lou,
    Thanks for the “congrats”!

    I have really enjoyed looking at the photos you have posted. It almost feels like we are there with you. It definitely looks like you are having fun there.

    Keep up the work. I am proud of you.


  2. it all looks so amazingly fun and exciting! and for a minute i thought how much i wished i could have been with you.

    and then i remembered that the only semi-enjoyable activity for me of late has been sitting on the couch reading a book or sleeping. and i thought that maybe i wouldn’t have enjoyed prague this past weekend nearly as much as i enjoyed looking at the pictures.

    so thanks for posting them. it was perfect to get to see through your eyes. 🙂

    love you and miss you so very much.

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