have you ever had a bad experience with make-up?  while in prague, in the open market, we came across a whole stand that was full of make-up.  since i still don’t have my regular cosmetics, i’ve made do with the basic foundation, mascara, and blush, but have missed having “fun” make-up.  i couldn’t just pass up the cheap make up while in the czech, so i looked and quickly purchased some eyeshadow.

yesterday we took yearbook photos.  i have to say, i did the least to prepare myself.  i’m either too much of “natural” girl or i just don’t really care about how my pictures look, so while most were blow drying and straightening their hair, i quickly pinned up the front and said enough (i’m thinking i should probably care more).  i then went to put a bit of my face on because i knew i couldn’t ignore everything and excitedly got my new eyeshadow out (for not really caring i have great joy when it comes to putting make-up on). 

but i forgot one very important thing.  it’s cheap.  which means that the pretty gold color actually was orange.  orange that i couldn’t get off my eyelids.  i scrubbed and scrubbed, but there was still a hint of the horrid color.  i’m a tight-wad — i know that.  and yesterday i learned that it doesn’t always end up being the best choice to spend less money.

or maybe i should just sit and patiently wait for the arrival of my luggage.

as you can see, when i had my picture taken i got a bit carried away and in a matter of hours they were posted on a facebook for all to see.  now i wonder what i was doing since one of these will probably end being used.  i really am crazy…



sometimes i’m so eighteen.

3 thoughts on “orange?!

  1. The first one at the top is very, interesting.

    I’m always having such a hard time with cheap make-up… I totally know what you’re saying.



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