week two.two of bible school.

only two more weeks till it’s over.

then i have two.zero more in germany.


– – –

an hour ago i wrote my final words and ended with an exclamation mark.  not because the sentence was so interesting or the conclusion of the whole paragraph was asking for that extra little something, but because it was the last paper to be written at bodenseehof.  that fact alone was the reason that i decided to go with something that is so not me.

and it felt so good to look at my page and know that i’m finished.

– – –

my parents arrive tomorrow… sometime.  i’m really not sure when and i don’t really care.  all i know is that they’ll be here and then we’ll go away to austria for a few days and i’ve never been quite so excited.  i’m so far away from home that it never even entered my mind that at some point i’d be anticipating the arrival of someone so special.

and i don’t have to spend my birthday alone and i’m so happy.

– – –

i’ve been thinking about people.

those people who annoy me, who frusrate me, who i judge, and who i compare myself to and find that i always come up higher than them.

i’ve been thinking about love.

those people who annoy me, who frustrate me, who i judge, and who i compare myself to and find that i always come up higher than are the ones that i’m supposed to love. 

i’ve been thinking about 1 Corinthians 13.

it’s not just for weddings and for couples who look very funny when they gaze at each other, but for me and my attitude towards others.  i thought i loved people until i started looking a little more closely at this.  my so called “love” for all the people who at times i dislike so much does not resemble the definition given in this passage.

and that just convicts me.

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

3 thoughts on “three.twelve.oh-seven.

  1. You would love Dad’s messages recently on 1Cor13…

    I’m so glad Mom & Dad will be with you soon. I wish I could come too! Bronwyn keeps saying, “It’s my Weasa’s birf-day!”

    Love you and miss you as always.

  2. hey you, hope germany’s been good to you! happy birthday and congratulations! i’m sooo jealous of you, by the way.

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