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  1. Happy Birthday, “My Weasa!” Bronwyn wants to know when we get to have cake with you. 🙁

    I bet you’re having a wonderful time. Enjoy every second of this amazing adventure!

  2. I had a thought earlier today: it is the Ides of March. With that thought, came abnother thought: it is Louissa’s birthday. Happy Birthday. Love you.

  3. I thought about you all day.
    And then I listened to Keith and thought about you more.
    It made me think of a warm summer rain at a fair in syracuse.
    And how I would love to take you out somewhere else today.
    But then I remembered that you are with our mommy and daddy.
    That’s nice.
    I am glad that they are there.
    To be with you on your birthday.

    Happy Birthday.

  4. RYC from your March 12 post…I don’t beleive you that there are people who annoy you. I can’t imagine you dislike anyone.
    You really do?

  5. so you can’t just write that you have lots of favorite names and then not share any of them!! come on!

    i read almost the entire baby name book last night. you want to know what my list had on it when i was done? nora/honora

    that was it. not a single boy name. not another girl name. agh!

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